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Creating a lasting impact to shape a future for all by going beyond expectations to leave a legacy we can be proud of.

Committing to sustainability in all areas


We embrace the responsibility we have to ensure our impact on society, local communities and the environment leaves a legacy we can all be proud of. For us this is far more than a simple commitment to giving back. We want to leave a legacy which endures beyond the work we deliver for our customers. And we do this by considering the impact we can make today that will shape the world for the future.

Shaping the world for future generations aligned with the UNSDGS

ITS has accelerated its alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals across three core components. Our strengthened contribution towards the UNSDGs has provided a positive impact and benefits our clients and partners.


ITS contributes to UNSDG3, "Good Health and Well-being," by fostering employee wellness programs and promoting a healthy work-life balance culture.


ITS embodies UNSDG5 by fostering gender equality through a workforce where 60% of business leaders are women, promoting women's empowerment.


ITS promotes sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

Considering our impact

For us, sustainability is about more than giving back – we’re not satisfied with simply making regular donations to charity and paying lip-service to green.

Living Sustainable Development Goals

At ITS, sustainability isn't just a slogan; it's ingrained in our values. Our leadership team exemplifies this commitment, with nearly 60% comprising women. We prioritise health, wellbeing, and inclusive, sustainable economic growth, promoting full employment and decent work opportunities for all. These principles drive our actions, not just words.


ITS is dedicated to social responsibility, engaging with communities, and leaving a lasting impact. We prioritise local employment through apprenticeships, enriching communities and providing opportunities for skill development. Our commitment to local procurement supports community growth. We also believe in giving back, actively supporting charities to create positive change and enrich the communities we serve.

Inclusivity and Collaboration

Our culture is open and inclusive, encouraging everyone to share their ideas and perspectives. We believe in fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated, and individuality is embraced. Our open culture encourages communication, transparency, and feedback at all levels, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued.

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