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5 Facts You May Not Know on Our new parent - Constellation Software

By Una Hampsey

8 February, 2024

5 Facts You May Not Know on Our new parent - Constellation Software

In the world of technology and software, Constellation Software is a name that resonates with innovation, growth, and a commitment to long-term value creation. As we embark on this new journey with Constellation Software, here are five key facts that shed light on this remarkable organization:

1. Founded in 1995: Constellation Software was founded in 1995 by Mark Leonard, who still serves as the CEO today. With nearly three decades of experience, their leadership has been a driving force behind the company's success and steady growth.

2. £6 Billion Turnover and 15,000 Employees: With a staggering turnover of $6 billion and a global team of 15,000 employees, Constellation Software operates on a massive scale. This impressive figure underscores their extensive reach and impact in the software industry.

3. Headquarters in Toronto, Canada: The heart of Constellation Software beats in Toronto, Canada. From this strategic location, they steer their diverse portfolio of businesses and investments, contributing to the thriving tech ecosystem in the region.

4. Focus on Value Creation: Constellation Software's core focus is on long-term value creation and sustainable growth. This commitment aligns perfectly with our own mission, as we look forward to collaborating and creating value together.

5. Acquisitions Galore: Since its inception, Constellation Software has made waves with its acquisition strategy. They have acquired over 800 businesses, showcasing their appetite for growth and their ability to leverage the synergies of diverse companies. In 2022 alone, they completed an impressive 200 acquisitions, a testament to their dynamic and agile approach.

As we join forces with Constellation Software, we're excited about the wealth of experience, resources, and opportunities this partnership brings. Together, we look forward to scaling new heights and pioneering innovations in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and software.

Toronto Canada