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Document Management Solutions

Simplify, secure, serve: ITS document management for a smarter government

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Secure Document Management

Streamlining document management not only improves efficiencies and saves costs, it can also play an important role in compliance. Our document management solutions are a collection of intelligent software modules which automate the complex task of building a document management solution, allowing you to manage documents and records for their entire lifecycle.

Next Level document management for the Public Sector

Our document management solutions are based on:

• Micro Focus Content, formerly known as TRIM manages documents, records, and information in a structured way, while ensuring compliance with legal, regulatory, and business requirements.
• MS SharePoint enables you to share and manage documents and knowledge, drive teamwork and seamlessly collaborate across your organisation.

Transform document management with Micro Focus Content Manager

Used by Public Sector organisations that require robust document and records management capabilities, Micro Focus Content Manager helps to streamline document related processes.

Efficient Document Management

Efficient document management to optimise workflows and create seamless experiences.

Centralised Access

Enhanced information retrieval with a unified repository and powerful search capabilities.

Effective Lifecycle Management

Comprehensive control over records from creation to disposal, ensuring compliance and security.

Automated Workflows

Automate approvals, notifications, routing, and other processes for increased productivity and efficiency.

Robust Security 

Protect sensitive information with access controls, audit trails, and version tracking.

Seamless Integration 

Connect with other enterprise systems like email, ERP, and CRM for a unified information landscape.

Empowered Collaboration 

Foster teamwork by enabling multiple users to access, edit, comment, and work together effectively.

Collaborate and share documents using MS SharePoint

As a Microsoft partner, we offer SharePoint solutions that empower organizations to leverage the full potential of collaboration, data management, and communication, ensuring efficiency and innovation in their business processes.

Experience matters: trust the experts

Working with Micro Focus Content Manager and SharePoint for over two decades, we have built up unrivalled expertise in these leading-edge enterprise systems. We also provide support to organisations looking to migrate from Micro Focus Content Manager to MS SharePoint platforms, offering expert and advice on tools and techniques that can facilitate a smooth and successful migration process.

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