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Forensic Case Management

Simplify your forensic investigations with our powerful case management solution.

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Streamline Your Investigations

Investigative Case Management

Our forensic case management system is a specialized deployment of CUBE, designed to assist forensic professionals and investigators in managing and organizing the various aspects of forensic cases. It streamlines the workflow and centralises the information related to the investigation, making it easier to track and analyse data, collaborate with team members, and ultimately build a strong case for presentation in court.

Forensic Case Management - Simplify the Complex

Forensic Case Management 


Case Information Management

Organise and track crucial case details, including numbers, dates, locations, parties involved, and more, for efficient access and management.

Evidence and Documentation Management

Seamlessly manage the collection, storage, and analysis of forensic evidence, including photographs, reports, laboratory results, and other relevant documents.

Chain of Custody Tracking

Maintain the integrity of evidence with a secure and auditable record of its custody, from collection to presentation in court.

Reporting and Analytics

Generate comprehensive reports and conduct thorough data analysis to uncover insights and patterns, aiding in thorough case investigation.

Forensic Case Management Benefits

Boost efficiency, empower teams, and unveil hidden insights with centralised case data, secure collaboration, streamlined evidence management, and data-driven analysis.

Enhanced Case Organisation

Streamline data entry, storage, and retrieval of case details, including evidence and documentation, reducing administrative burden and improving accessibility.

Facilitated Collaboration:

Securely share case information, updates, and insights among team members in real-time, enhancing interdepartmental communication and coordination.

Increased Investigator Efficiency

Automate routine tasks and simplify evidence management, freeing up valuable time for investigators to focus on analysis and critical casework.

Centralised Data Repository:

Eliminate physical files and paper records, ensuring secure and centralised storage of all case-related information for easy access and reduced risk of document loss.

Chain of Custody

Maintain a verifiable and auditable record of evidence handling, from point of collection to presentation in court, promoting evidence integrity and admissibility.

Data-Driven Insights

Comprehensive reports, advanced data analysis to identify patterns, trends, and relationships, supporting informed decision-making and strategic case management.

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