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Cube Report Studio.

Cube Report Studio examines and interprets your data, discovering meaningful insights that can be used to guide business decisions.

Unlock the power of your case management data

Cube Report Studio

Report Studio provides users with a range of reporting functionality, typically involving metrics and trends related to the management of cases

Analysis of case management data aims to provide insights into how effectively cases are being managed, identify areas for improvement, and optimise resource allocation.

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Cube Report Studio

Optimising your case management processes with new data insights.

Cube Report Studio provides users with a range of reporting functionality including:

  • Case volume: the total number of cases managed during a specific time period.
  • Case duration: The average length of time it takes to resolve a case.
  • Case outcomes: The number and percentage of cases resolved successfully, unresolved, or with an unfavorable outcome.
  • Case types: The distribution of cases by type or category.
  • Staff productivity: The number of cases handled per staff member, the average time spent on each case, and other productivity metrics.

Tailor your reporting to your preferences

Report Studio offers more than just pre built dashboards; it empowers you to conduct data analysis and reporting according to your needs. You can easily access simple and user friendly reporting within the Cube system, or utilise the data model with your preferred MI platform for more flexibility.

Stay on top of your cases with a single glance

Visualising case management data can provide valuable insights and help communicate information in a more accessible way. Cube Report Studio provides a series of dashboards, charts, graphs, and tables that provide an overview of key metrics related to case management, including real time data updates, alerts, and visual representations of trends and patterns.

Key Benefits

See Beyond Cases, See Success: Cube Report Studio for Smarter Case Management

Uncover Hidden Insights

Dive deeper than trends, discover patterns in your case data that lead to better decisions.

Optimise Your Resources

Allocate resources efficiently based on real-time data, focus on what matters most to your clients.

Boost Staff Productivity

Track and improve case handling times, empower your team to achieve outstanding results.

Stay Informed, Act Faster

Real-time dashboards with alerts keep you on top of critical case data, allowing for swift action.

Customise Your Analysis

Go beyond pre-built reports, tailor your data exploration to your specific needs and questions.

Communicate Clearly

Powerful visualisations like charts and graphs tell the story of your data, making it easy to share insights with stakeholders.

See how ITS delivers business success stories

ITS delivered a comprehensive EDRM solution for the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, transitioning from HP TRIM to SharePoint, enhancing records management, ensuring compliance, and fostering a strategic approach to digital content management across the organisation.

PBNI, managing probation in Northern Ireland, partnered with ITS for a solution to manage complex caseloads and sensitive data. The new system streamlines operations, automates tasks, and provides valuable data insights. This enhances decision-making, collaboration, and data security, leading to better outcomes for service users and communities

Northern Ireland's LPS, managing £1.2 billion in annual revenue for over 900,000 properties, needed a modern solution for complex processes and changing regulations. ITS delivered a custom software suite, streamlining operations, improving data management, and ensuring compliance.

The Cube Suite

A new innovative approach to case management providing robust case tracking and auditing, user-friendly access for citizens, and informative reporting capabilities.

Cube Report Studio

A powerful reporting suite analysing your data and helping guide key decisions.

Cube Portal

A flexible self-service system providing citizens with online access to government services.

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