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Cube Portal

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Cube Portal, the flexible self-service system

Cube Portal

Designed to provide personalised services and information to citizens based on their needs, Cube Portal is a flexible self service system that provides citizens with online access to government services, promoting greater engagement and improved service delivery.

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Cube Portal

CUBE Portal: Simplifying citizen access to government services, one convenient click at a time.

Allowing citizens to access government services conveniently and efficiently.

Designed to provide citizens with a user friendly digital platform to access government services and information, CUBE Portal allows citizens to conveniently carry out a range of tasks, which would otherwise require a telephone call or physical visit to a site. In addition to improved engagement, CUBE Portal also help government operate more efficiently by reducing paperwork and manual processes, resulting in cost savings and improved service delivery.

Easily configured to meet the specific needs of users.

A powerful tool for businesses, organizations, and individuals, CUBE Portal allows organisations to create a personalised online presence and to make changes to the layout, content, and functionality without requiring technical skills or knowledge. Once configured, you can integrate the portal with other systems or applications, such as a customer relationship management (CRM) system or an ecommerce platform.

Applications of Cube Portal

While the specifics of Cube’s Portal implementations vary depending on the application , the general principles remain the same. Here are some examples of how Cube Portal has been used in different applications

eGovernment Services

Providing eGovernment services such as online applications for government documents like passports, driving licenses, and birth certificates.

Payment Gateway

Allowing citizens to pay for government services like taxes, fees, fines, and utility bills.

Public Information

Providing public information about government policies, programs, initiatives, and services. It can also provide access to official documents, reports, and statistics.

Feedback Mechanism

Feedback mechanisms that allows citizens to report problems, provide feedback, and suggest improvements. This can help governments to improve their services and better understand citizen needs.


Replace paper forms with a secure portal, guiding users through a seamless process, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and overall user experience.

Public Participation

Enabling public participation in the decision making process through tools like online surveys, polls, and forums.


Enhance claims processing through streamlined workflows, automation, and real-time communication, improving efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.


Secure web-based diaries that support self-service bookings, preventing double booking.

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