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Cube Case Management.

Flexible, user friendly, scalable and secure: Unleash the power of Cube Case Management.

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Cube Case Management

Cube's modular components offer both configurability and flexibility to adapt to even the most unique and complex customer requirements, all while being based on an off the shelf product. That's why we never say "our product doesn't do that." Hosted in the cloud, a dedicated data centre or on premise, Cube puts you in control of your cases.

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Transform your User Experience

Cube was designed to be simple and easy to navigate, improving the user experience and satisfaction.

A Case Management System that is user friendly, efficient, and effective.

CUBE is designed in accordance with GDS (Government Digital Service) design principles. These design principles prioritise user centric design, clear communication, and iterative development to create effective and efficient digital services that meet the needs of citizens.

Streamline your application's performance with cloud hosting

Governments at all levels, local and central are increasingly turning to cloud hosting as a way to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase security.

Cube Case management has been designed with cloud hosting in mind, ensuring that it is optimized for the cloud, taking full advantage of its scalability, resilience, availability and security.

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Cube Applications

While the specifics of Cube’s implementation vary depending on the sector, the general principles remain the same. Here are some examples outlining how Cube has been applied.


Optimise operational efficiency by streamlining the grant process from initial application to evaluation, approval, and disbursement.


Equip your team with a streamlined investigative tool that enables them to gather, process, and analyse case data, empowering them to make well-informed decisions.


Streamline workflows making it easier to track and analyse data, collaborate with team members, and build a strong case for presentation in court.


Ensure efficient complaint handling, evidence management and streamlined communications, while ensuring accountability and transparency.


Adopt a streamlined and consistent approach to capturing, managing, and analysing complaints and feedback, whilst enabling multi-channel customer engagement throughout.


Modernise your inspection process from task checklists creation, inspection scheduling, results recording, to corrective actions tracking and automated notifications.

The Cube Suite

A new innovative approach to case management providing robust case tracking and auditing, user-friendly access for citizens, and informative reporting capabilities.

Cube Report Studio

A powerful reporting suite analysing your data and helping guide key decisions.

Cube Portal

A flexible self-service system providing citizens with online access to government services.

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