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Complaints Handling

Analyse, respond, and track complaints securely with ITS.

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Complaints Handling

Complaints Handling

At ITS we understand the vital role that effective complaint management plays in nurturing customer loyalty. Our software empowers organisations of all sizes to adopt a streamlined and consistent approach to capturing, managing, and analysing complaints and feedback. Equipped with state-of-the-art features, our solution ensures full compliance with regulations, accountability for key decisions, and secure storage of crucial documents.

Complaints Handling

At ITS, we provide software that enables organisations to streamline complaint management processes, ensuring consistency, compliance, and secure document storage, ultimately fostering customer loyalty.

Case Management for Complaints Handling


Centralised Repository

Capture, store, and manage all customer complaints and feedback in one place.

Automated Case Logging

Log complaint details upon receipt, ensuring that no complaint is overlooked or misplaced.

Workflow Automation

Align tasks to the appropriate teams or individuals and set escalation paths for unresolved cases.

Enhanced Communication

Enable seamless interaction with customers, keeping them informed throughout the complaint resolution process.

Track and Escalate

Track the status of complaints, set priority levels, and escalate cases when necessary to ensure timely resolution.

Compliance and Documentation

Ensure compliance with relevant regulations by maintaining proper documentation of all steps taken during the complaint handling process.

Analytics and Reporting

Gain insights into complaint trends, identify recurring issues, and make data-driven decisions for process improvements.

Key Benefits

Resolve faster, gain insights, comply with confidence, and optimise processes: experience the power of streamlined complaint management.

Customer Experience

Swift resolutions build satisfaction and strengthen customer relationships.

Efficient Workflow

Streamlined workflows route concerns efficiently, reducing response times and delays.

Gain Insights

Uncover complaint trends to proactively address root causes and prevent future issues.

Comply with Confidence

Ensure regulatory adherence with secure data and proper documentation.

Optimise Your Processes

Analyse complaints to identify and implement process improvements for greater efficiency.

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